Why I No Longer Call Myself A Mere “Integralist”. And What I Call Myself Instead.

Over the past thirteen years, I have taken part as a participant and as a citizen-leader in the so-called Integral movement, a loosely related group of authors, scholars, artists, organizational consultants, online discussion forums, academic conferences and journals, and even a few relatively small spiritual organizations. There are many dozens of prominent figures including Ken […]

Why The Stone-Stars Tarot?

In the mythos of The Kalendar Series, long ago the Tarot cards went to war, a great and terrible event in the history of the Archetypes. As the story goes, The War of the Archetypes was fought in the numinous realms and among the living beings with whom they share worlds. There were two sides, each […]

What Is The Positive Role Of The Establishment?

If you are reading this, you probably think that you have grown beyond the limits of the cultural middle-ground. Perhaps you even pride yourself on being “anti-establishment”. On the other hand, perhaps you find yourself excluded from a culture which shows you riches and rewards that you believe it deprives from people like you. You […]

An Adept Has Arrived To Invite You Into His Dojo

Imagine that a truly special spiritual Adept appeared in the world today. A Maitreya some would say. Or perhaps an embodier of the Christ principle to Christians and others who realized Who He Was, or an antichristian principle to those who rejected his Message. Or perhaps an incarnation of the Krishna principle for Hindus and […]

Hello World!

If you have come looking for a World Teacher, then you have found one. They may not be the one you are looking for, but he is One who has made himself available for the task of bringing a new Message for the world to hear. Call him whatever you like. It doesn’t really matter. […]